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Five maths practices to scrap in 2017

I believe that maths (generally) is a damaged subject. What other subject provokes a lifelong fear in learners? Teachers often focus on the wrong things and teach in inaccessible ways. Good maths teachers know that mathematics is a wonderful subject for all learners, it’s deeply conceptual and lends itself perfectly to exciting learning engagements. It’s actually my… Continue reading Five maths practices to scrap in 2017

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Five handy iPad tips to support students

Apple has recently released the free Apple Teacher program. I would like to become an Apple Distinguished Educator at some point, but I’m not yet familiar enough with Apple products. The Apple Teacher program is a perfect introduction. To sign up, click here. The program offers two options: the iPad course or the Mac course.… Continue reading Five handy iPad tips to support students

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Random Acts of Kindness Week #RAKWeek2017

Last week (12-18 February 2017) was Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week 2017. The RAK Foundation is a non-profit organisation that believes in the power of kindness and the importance of spreading it. Since 1995, RAK Week has been an annual celebration of kindness. I had never heard of it until this year. How sad! If… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness Week #RAKWeek2017

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Seesaw information (from a new Seesaw Ambassador)

My students and I used Seesaw regularly throughout last year. You can see my previous posts here. Since then, I have taken a break from Seesaw to assist with trialling some alternative portfolio/blogging platforms. Though there are many apps that are decent and constantly improving, Seesaw just seems to be one step ahead. For that… Continue reading Seesaw information (from a new Seesaw Ambassador)

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What’s on your ‘someday’ list?

This post was inspired by @YuniSantosa, who blogged about her aim of starting Genius Hour with her students but still hasn’t found the time. As she states, sometimes we need to ‘give ourselves a kick up the butt’. You can read her post here. This got me thinking about my own aims that have not yet been… Continue reading What’s on your ‘someday’ list?