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Co-teach like a PIRATE

The potential benefits of co-teaching have been well documented. However, it is also widely accepted that co-teaching is challenging. Without the correct conditions, co-teaching can (and often does) fail to meet its potential. Through my research, I have come to realise that co-teaching is most commonly associated with special needs education. It is becoming increasingly… Continue reading Co-teach like a PIRATE

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Guest post: Four big words for quality relationships (by Ross Dawson)

Ross Dawson is the Primary Principal at Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA), a bilingual IB World School in Hong Kong. Ross has lived in Hong Kong for over twenty years and has returned to VSA this year after studying Psychology of Coaching in Sydney, Australia, and running his own educational consultancy and coaching business. Ross has… Continue reading Guest post: Four big words for quality relationships (by Ross Dawson)

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 #BookSnaps: 21st-century comprehension

In 2016, Tara Martin (@TaraMartinEDU) first had the idea of using Snapchat with her students as a platform for annotating, analysing and connecting with literature. Tara believes in “meeting students where they’re at” and using tools that they are already engaging with. How many teenagers use Snapchat? A lot! Since 2016, she has developed this… Continue reading  #BookSnaps: 21st-century comprehension

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Genius Hour: dream BIG

This year, my students have been enjoying their passion projects. I still have a lot to learn and there are certain things that I want to do differently next year, but this allocated time for exploring passions (commonly known as Genius Hour) has been one of the most rewarding parts of teaching this year. It is… Continue reading Genius Hour: dream BIG