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My aims for next year (2017/18)

Last summer, I published a post titled My aims for next year. A year later, it’s pleasing and satisfying to revisit that post, knowing that I achieved these aims. Admittedly, some were achieved to a greater extent than others, but I can confidently state that I have made progress with all of them. That post did… Continue reading My aims for next year (2017/18)

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Introducing #pypbookstudy slow chats

Our book study group for PYP teachers has been in action for one year already. During that time, PYP teachers from all over the world have been reading, learning and chatting together. It has been a wonderful collaboration and highly beneficial. I am the proud facilitator of the group and I would love to see… Continue reading Introducing #pypbookstudy slow chats

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Guest post: Balancing work and play in the sands of Sudan (by Zach Groshell)

Zach Groshell has been teaching overseas for six years and is particularly fascinated with instructional coaching and technology integration. He currently lives in Sudan and, despite the challenges listed here, has fallen in love with the Sudanese people and culture. Follow him on Twitter @MrZachG. Teachers are notorious for bringing the work that we do… Continue reading Guest post: Balancing work and play in the sands of Sudan (by Zach Groshell)