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 #BookSnaps: 21st-century comprehension

In 2016, Tara Martin (@TaraMartinEDU) first had the idea of using Snapchat with her students as a platform for annotating, analysing and connecting with literature. Tara believes in “meeting students where they’re at” and using tools that they are already engaging with. How many teenagers use Snapchat? A lot! Since 2016, she has developed this… Continue reading  #BookSnaps: 21st-century comprehension

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What will your students find when they google you?

When I was training to be a teacher, social media was relatively new. Everybody was joining Facebook and many teachers were getting in trouble because of their inappropriate sharing. In my training, we were advised to keep everything private. “Your students will inevitably google you. Don’t give them anything to find!” Teacher training, 2007 How… Continue reading What will your students find when they google you?

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Five recent(ish) Google Classroom updates

Considering how much I love Google Classroom, it’s surprising that I haven’t blogged about it since September. There have been many great updates since then. Google is constantly listening to feedback from teachers and updating their products in response to ideas and suggestions. Most of these ‘recent’ updates are not actually very recent, but they… Continue reading Five recent(ish) Google Classroom updates

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Ten essential Chrome extensions for teachers

Are you using Google Chrome? Take advantage of the many extensions that can be downloaded onto your Chrome browser. These extensions are sometimes simple quick links, but others have the functionality that can make your life much more efficient or even transform teaching and learning. To personalise your browser with extensions, visit the Chrome Store.… Continue reading Ten essential Chrome extensions for teachers

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Adam Hill on Google Apps for Education (Interview for ‘Teacher Tech Trials’)

Corey Engstrom is a Californian blogger who interviews teachers from around the world about educational technology and how it can be used to enhance learning. I was recently contacted by Corey who wanted to know more about G Suite (previously known as Google Apps for Education) and how I use it to promote collaboration and digital citizenship.… Continue reading Adam Hill on Google Apps for Education (Interview for ‘Teacher Tech Trials’)

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Google Certified Educator Level 2: the journey continues…

Back in May, I completed the exam to become a Level 1 Google Certified Educator, after months of working through the online units. I reflected on that journey in a post named My journey to Google Certified Educator. I concluded that post with these words: ‘bring on level 2!’ That’s exactly what I did! The… Continue reading Google Certified Educator Level 2: the journey continues…

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Using Pokémon Go to spark debate

This is now my third blog post about Pokémon Go. Like I have said before, I believe that it has a place in the classroom due to its immense popularity. In my previous posts, you can find more ideas on how to integrate it meaningfully. This post offers a new idea that was similarly successful: use Pokémon… Continue reading Using Pokémon Go to spark debate