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Teachers’ trip to Tembak

For many years, my school (Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong) has supported the work of the Masarang Foundation, founded and led by Dr. Willie Smits. The aim of the foundation is to conserve nature and tackle environmental issues through collaboration with local people. One of their many projects is The Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC), where… Continue reading Teachers’ trip to Tembak

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Are you a connected educator?

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been exploring Delhi, Jaipur and Agra (‘The Golden Triangle’, India). I got to see once in a lifetime sights such as Amber Fort and the Taj Mahal. However, the highlights of the trip were actually not touristy – they were professional. I posted an update on social… Continue reading Are you a connected educator?

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Action and Service Volunteers

It is with great pride that I share details of one of our school’s leadership programmes. Loosely based on the Duke of Edinburgh Award, our very own Action and Service Volunteers (ASV) programme encourages students to serve both the school community and the wider community. They are awarded for their hard work and dedication. I… Continue reading Action and Service Volunteers

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What have children learnt from the US election?

At the beginning of this week, I was thrilled to find out that many of my students (in Hong Kong) had been following the US election. They showed a genuine interest in politics and current affairs and they were able to articulate their opinions maturely and respectfully. Many of them used Newsela (without any prompting) as a source… Continue reading What have children learnt from the US election?

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Guest post: An introduction to ‘Out of Eden Learn’ (by Tima Nisbet)

Tima Nisbet is a valued member of my PLN and an active member of our #pypbookstudy group. Originally from Canada, she is an experienced primary school teacher who currently teaches at an international school in Tanzania. With a background in humanities, a Masters in reading and literacy and a drama background, Tima brings enthusiasm and… Continue reading Guest post: An introduction to ‘Out of Eden Learn’ (by Tima Nisbet)

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Religious Education: overlooked importance

This week, I have been fortunate enough to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi as part of our annual PTA overseas trip. What an amazing part of the world! The trip was rich with Islamic culture. This was amazing for us as tourists, but vital for the children in terms of developing their tolerance, open-mindedness and respect. The students, as… Continue reading Religious Education: overlooked importance