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My aims for next year (2017/18)

Last summer, I published a post titled My aims for next year. A year later, it’s pleasing and satisfying to revisit that post, knowing that I achieved these aims. Admittedly, some were achieved to a greater extent than others, but I can confidently state that I have made progress with all of them. That post did… Continue reading My aims for next year (2017/18)

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Introducing #pypbookstudy slow chats

Our book study group for PYP teachers has been in action for one year already. During that time, PYP teachers from all over the world have been reading, learning and chatting together. It has been a wonderful collaboration and highly beneficial. I am the proud facilitator of the group and I would love to see… Continue reading Introducing #pypbookstudy slow chats

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The power of a professional learning network (collaboration with Kriti Nigam)

Kriti Nigam has taught different curricula over a journey of fourteen years. She has been facilitating PYP Grade Five for four years, currently working at Pathways School, Noida (India). Kriti loves collaborating, exploring new ideas and implementing innovative, interactive and constructivist teaching methods. Connect with her on Twitter @NigamKriti. Kriti and I are both passionate… Continue reading The power of a professional learning network (collaboration with Kriti Nigam)

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Online certification courses: five recommendations

I love online learning. Our professional development no longer has to rely on school priorities or budgets. Online courses have made it easy to organise our own professional learning. Apart from the Apple Teacher program (which I’m halfway through), I have completed all of the courses below. I highly recommend them. Yes, it’s nice to… Continue reading Online certification courses: five recommendations

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Public speaking F.E.A.R.

I am terrified of public speaking. This isn’t an exaggeration. I’m shy, introverted and have a slight speech impediment (it was much stronger as a child). A few years ago, I was asked to present some awards in an assembly. I was new to Victoria Shanghai Academy and overwhelmed by the size of its staff (it’s… Continue reading Public speaking F.E.A.R.

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Summer reading 2017: eight book recommendations for teachers

In an older post, Teacher workload: why less is more, I offered ten reasons why teachers’ workload should be lessened in places such as the England (still my most popular post to date). One of these reasons was to allow time for professional reading. I love it! Along with blogging, reading is something else that I do that… Continue reading Summer reading 2017: eight book recommendations for teachers