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Genius Hour: dream BIG

This year, my students have been enjoying their passion projects. I still have a lot to learn and there are certain things that I want to do differently next year, but this allocated time for exploring passions (commonly known as Genius Hour) has been one of the most rewarding parts of teaching this year. It is… Continue reading Genius Hour: dream BIG

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Seesaw information (from a new Seesaw Ambassador)

My students and I used Seesaw regularly throughout last year. You can see my previous posts here. Since then, I have taken a break from Seesaw to assist with trialling some alternative portfolio/blogging platforms. Though there are many apps that are decent and constantly improving, Seesaw just seems to be one step ahead. For that… Continue reading Seesaw information (from a new Seesaw Ambassador)

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Genius Hour: passions with purpose

I’m excited to announce that I have taken the plunge into the unknown and introduced Genius Hour to my students. We are all absolutely loving it! Following the first few sessions, I want to use my blog as a platform for reflection. As I type, I’m considering successes so far and how I can make better… Continue reading Genius Hour: passions with purpose

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Data handling with Pokémon Go

In a previous post, I claimed that Pokémon Go was simply too popular to ignore. It has captured the attention of gamers, of all ages, across the world. “Teachers should occasionally invest some time in exploring whatever their students are interested in. Whether it’s Pokémon, Minecraft, Frozen or football – show an interest as part of showing… Continue reading Data handling with Pokémon Go

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Seesaw: from showcase to learning

Seesaw is advertised as ‘The Learning Journal’, and it certainly has that potential. However, just like any educational technology, the impact on learning depends greatly on how it is used. If I’m being honest, I did not use it to its fullest potential during the trial period. This post will summarise ways that I plan to… Continue reading Seesaw: from showcase to learning

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Digital portfolios using Seesaw

It is part of our school-wide action plan to transition from hard-copy portfolio files to digital portfolios. This year, some teachers have been trialling Seesaw, myself included. I am aware that there are many options available for documenting work electronically, but I have little experience of other platforms. I am not in a position to say that… Continue reading Digital portfolios using Seesaw